Botox Treat­ment – How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate?

If you’re in rel­a­tive­ly good phys­i­cal shape, in good health men­tal­ly, and dis­play­ing any vis­i­ble signs of age­ing, then it’s fair to say that you’re a good can­di­date for Botox treatment. 

There's no denying the popularity of Botox. In fact, it's probably the first treatment that would spring to most people's minds if they were asked to name a non-surgical form of cosmetic treatment.

One of the reasons that Botox is so popular is quite simply because it's incredibly effective. With no surgery and no downtime, patients can notice vastly improved results within one week. As a result, not only does it work, Botox treatment fits right in with our busy 21st century lives.

Perhaps you're not entirely happy with the face that stares back as you look in the mirror, and want to change it for a better looking version of you. If so, then the question you might want an answer to is “Am I a good candidate for Botox treatment?”

Let's take a closer look...

Good physical health

While Botox treatment isn't a surgical procedure, it is a medical procedure and like any other medical procedure, you need to be in relatively good health. In addition to this there are certain neurological disorders such as Myasthenia, or Eaton-Lambert syndrome and/or motor neurone problems such as Lou Gherig's disease, where patients should consult with their doctor first, prior to receiving Botox treatment.

What about pregnancy?

It's universally agreed that Botox treatment shouldn't be carried out during pregnancy or on a new mum who is breast feeding. Admittedly, this is more of a precautionary measure rather than clinical fact, since to date there have been no Botox studies carried out on pregnant women.

Good mental health

While it's one thing to feel unhappy about the way you look right now, if you constantly suffer with feelings of poor self esteem, then Botox is unlikely to have the effect you hope. For this reason, while it's important to know what Botox can do for you cosmetically, it's even more important to realise its limitations. For example, while Botox treatment may improve the way you look to others, it isn't a miracle cure for anyone suffering with long term negative feelings about themselves. Be sure you're not succumbing to peer pressure from others. In other words, make sure Botox treatment is something you're having for you and that it's done for all the right reasons.

Showing visible signs of ageing

Finally, and unfortunately this is true for most of us over a certain age, if you have prominent wrinkles in the upper face such as frown lines, forehead creases, and crow's feet (the area around the eyes), then these conditions are ideal for treatment using Botox.

So there you have it...

If you're in relatively good physical shape, in good health mentally, and displaying any visible signs of ageing, then it's fair to say that you're a good candidate for Botox treatment. Perhaps the best and easiest way to make sure is to book a no-obligation consultation with Dr Ferreira and the team. Contact us on 01530 272 264 to book an appointment, and start your journey towards a rejuvenated and more confident you!

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