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Unlike metallic fillings that can detract from the beauty of your smile, white fillings provide a natural-looking alternative. Comprised of a composite resin, white fillings are designed to match the shade of your existing teeth for inconspicuous cavity repair. White fillings can not only strengthen your teeth that have been damaged by decay, they can also keep your smile looking healthy and youthful.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, white fillings may protect your teeth more effectively than amalgam metal alternatives. Metal fillings can expand and contract due to changes in temperature, allowing room for bacteria to form beneath the filling and cause additional damage to the tooth. Conversely, white fillings are bonded in layers to the tooth and can better protect the tooth against future decay. Also, white fillings avoid the hazardous waste associated with mercury fillings, making this proactive dentistry treatment beneficial for both you and the environment.

Finally white fillings are more conservative. Only a small amount of your healthy tooth is removed before a composite filling is applied. This means less chance of any fracturing or chipping of the teeth, and ensures that the naturally strong structure of the tooth is retained.

Whether you are replacing an old metal filling or simply filling an existing cavity, Sandra uses white fillings to prevent further damage without compromising cosmetic concerns.

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I've enjoyed my visits to this dentist and is saying something. My children also like this practice. We receive wonderful treatment and are told the truth about our teeth. So important.

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