Is Invisalign Right For Me? – Here are Four Ways to Find Out

When it comes to ortho­don­tic treat­ments it’s fair to say that the Invisalign craze is sweep­ing the den­tal world. 

When it comes to orthodontic treatments it's fair to say that the Invisalign craze is sweeping the dental world. Understandably many patients seeking straighter teeth are looking to jump on board. Given that it's recognised as one of the easiest, most comfortable, and discreet orthodontic treatments available, this makes total sense. However despite this, the unfortunate fact is that Invisalign treatment won't be for everyone.

While a consultation with your local Invisalign provider is the only sure-fire way to find out your true suitability, there are several indicating factors that may give you an idea. So with this in mind, let's dive straight in and take a look at some of them...

The severity of the problem you have

We'd like to say that Invisalign can help just about any issue or problem and while it's perfect for fixing a wide variety of issues such as...

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Overcrowding

it has a hard time fixing more problematic issues such as severe over/under bites or cross bites. Patients with these types of dental problems may need to seek more traditional treatments which are better suited.  

Your age

While the majority of brace systems are suitable for younger patients. Up until recently, Invisalign wasn't

So why was this?

Well, for a couple of reasons....

Firstly the teeth of children and young teens are still growing and this would affect the way the treatment worked. Secondly the success of Invisalign treatment required a certain level of maturity from the wearer. The issue being that most kids and young teens weren't at that stage yet and were more likely to remove their aligners when they shouldn't – or forget to put them back in after a meal. Either way this had a massive impact on treatment outcome.


However that all changed with the invention of Invisalign Teen. For the first time younger teens with growing permanent teeth could now be treated using the same Invisalign technology. To counteract the problem of co-operation, Invisalign Teen aligners cleverly use a series of coloured indicators which fade to the desired level when they've been worn for the correct amount of time. This makes it easier for parents to monitor their child's compliance. In addition, the colour change also gives the wearer a good indicator of when it's time to switch aligner. 

 So while Invisalign technology isn't advisable for those children who still have their primary teeth, Invisalign Aligners and Invisalign Teen offer the perfect solution for those who already have their adult teeth and would otherwise feel self conscious about wearing conventional 'bracket and wiring' style fixed braces.

Your dedication

Yes, Invisalign aligners are by far the easiest orthodontic treatment to wear, but they come with a caveat that other braces don't – You can easily remove them!

In fact patients are encouraged to remove them daily when eating and drinking. However for best results, aligners need to remain in the mouth for a minimum of 22 hours a day.  

The issue is that for whatever reason it isn't uncommon for patients to neglect these treatment responsibilities. So in order to achieve successful results within the given time frames, patients really need to be fully 'on board' and embrace such responsibilities.

Your smile assessment

To have a better idea if Invisalign treatment can fix your dental problems, you might want to take Invisalign's Smile Assessment Test. This gives you a good indication of whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

That said it's important to remember that a virtual assessment can only tell you so much, so the results of these findings aren't set in stone. For this reason it's well worth seeking the advice of an Invisalign-trained dental professional who can give you a proper opinion.

Here at Measham Dental we're lucky enough to have our very own Invisalign-trained dentist, Dr Laira Mouratorio. During a consultation Laira can advise you as to whether you're a good candidate for treatment. So why not call today on 01530 272 264 to book an appointment.

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