6 Great Hygiene Tips for Whiter, Health­i­er Teeth 

Our new hygien­ist, Pat Hugh­es, offers some great hygiene tips based on her 30 years’ experience. 

Having a great smile is highly valued in our culture today and the truth is that many people associate white teeth with attractiveness, confidence, and overall good health. But after a quick look at some statistics that show 63% of Brits wish their teeth were both cleaner and whiter, we thought it was about time that we spilled some of our top hygiene tips for a beautiful dazzling smile.


Tip # 1 – Don’t rush when you brush

Brushing your teeth properly takes at least two minutes twice daily to fully remove any nasties. Find that too boring? How about listening to a short song on YouTube, setting a timer on your phone, or investing in a modern electric toothbrush that does all the hard work for you? It’s also really important to make sure you’ve got the right technique. A whopping 47% of you admitted that you don’t know how to brush properly, so why not visit our hygienist for a quick refresher?

Tip # 2 – Floss like a boss

Not so surprisingly, 68% of you confessed to never flossing. Now as important as brushing is, it can’t take on the full responsibility of cleaning your teeth alone - remember brushing only cleans the surface of your teeth, not in between! This being the case, you need to get into the habit of flossing (ideally once a day) to help remove any food residue that your brush just can’t reach.

Tip # 3 – Watch your sweet tooth

The main reason for eating something is because it tastes good - but it’s time to consider the effects this can have on your teeth. Too much sugar, in the form of sweets or fizzy drinks, can result in gum disease or decay, leading to broken teeth or swollen bleeding gums… not the best look. So try to eat a more healthy diet, including foods like apples, nuts, cheese, and vegetables, all of which are super tooth-friendly.

Tip # 4 – No smoking and less coffee

The reality is that no matter how many times you brush your teeth, they can still become heavily stained with lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking too much coffee and tea. Smoking is well known to be a major cause of gum disease and can also have negative effects on your overall health; not to mention all those sugary mints popped or extra coffees to mask the smoky breath!


Tip # 5 – Don’t forget your tongue!

The tongue is often forgotten about when it comes to oral hygiene (41% of you said so) but it actually plays a huge role in reducing bad breath. After all, it’s no good having a great looking smile if it’s a bit whiffy… So clean the surface of your tongue daily using a tongue cleaner to help remove the countless number of bacteria currently living there undisturbed.

Tip # 6 – Visit us regularly

No matter how busy your schedule is, always make it your goal to visit us here at Measham Dental for a quick check-up and clean at least every 6 months - because sometimes there are problems you just can't see on your own. Remember, prevention not only saves you a whole lot of pain and money but keeps your smile looking its best.


If you follow all our tips above, we guarantee your smile will thank you for it! For further help on how to look after your smile or to book your hygiene visit with Pat, call us today on 01530 272264.


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